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Gotta give it to Mini. Continuing their quest to meet the hearts of urbanites worldwide, in Switzerland they have selected a group of 10 artists or bombers alike and asked them to decorate the car in amazing vibrant imagery as part of the celebration of Mini’s 50th Anniversary and the launch of a art book – Wash Me. I gotta say that this collaboration has done a excellent job in expanding the paridigm of what can be done to a car’s external decor.

I like some of you had a hard time reading the German text in the literature. But just for you what I have extracted is that the collaboration was 10 works done between 13 contributors, some well known in graffiti cirlces. Best known being SeakEuro and Smash137 and others not so well includes Rémi Jaccard & Stefan Ege, Marisa Pichler & Gigi Burn, Dieter Meier, Michèle Roten, Aurèle Sack, Tika, & August with a critic by Alfredo HäberliFabian Bertschinger & Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Otten.

None the chosen artists had worked on a vehicle as a canvas before so it was a real challenge of spirit for them due to the new amount of care and logistics they had to adapt to. They were all developed in different locations with completely different ideas. And the the result is the beautiful work you can see below…

In this marketing campaign there isn’t just a ‘doing it to look cool with the kids’ element to what Mini have done here, in that I mean it doesn’t feel sneaky and for that I feel they deserve a HUGE amount of praise because they’ve gone out and really got in touch with what the culture is about, discovery! And I mean Discovery in so many different facets, like the discovery of certain contributors themselves (most that I’ve never heard of) but also the fact that the Artists had to learn trial and error how to make the best use of canvas from the car. All I can ask is for more companies to really get in touch but the first comes from finding the right people within their marketing teams.

I think I will purchase a copy even if its in a language I dont fully undertand yet. I would urge you to do yourself a favour by downloading the mini-size ebook for free right HERE.

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