Jan 2010 30

Wooooo!!! Now im not a fan of the Cortez’s but I love these! I can see myself this time just stalking people in the jungle wearing these. They’ll complete my life!  I especially like the symbol on the tongue that remind me of the Dharma Initiative!

Anyway, they are a part of the celebration for Chinese New Year (starting Valentines Day). They have have a snow-white nylon upper with golden hue silk screened Tiger’s stripe print. The Chinese characters “寅”(tiger) and “平安” (peace) are embossed to to each shoe tongue. A Horse hair finishing which makes the shoe jump right out. The right shoe is finished with red trim which is in in respect to those born in the year of the tiger as a symbol of praying for good luck.

There are a limited 200 pairs that come with a special limited shoe box that looks more than awesome otherwise you can buy these with a regular Nike shoe box.


Expect these in front of February! Wish me good luck in getting a pair!

via SlamxHype

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