The Fanny Pack is Back!
Jan 2010 03

Your eyes are not deceiving you, the 90′s bum bag, or fanny pack as they say in America, is back for Spring/Summer 2010. It has been lurking in the fashion corners for a little while and has finally stepped out of the shadow into the basking sunlight. Feeling slightly anxious? Don’t be! Think about all the fantastic summer evenings you can dance away without having that pesky hand bag hanging on your shoulder or holding on to a clutch bag that is so easy to loose once you have had a drink too many – with the bum bag you can go hands free AND look stylish at the same time.

Louis Vuitton has brought the bum bag back in a big way, quite literally, for SS10. In embossed leather with tassels and extra pouches, I dare say this deluxe version is for the extra brave.

Marc Jacobs (who also designed the one for LV) has made bum bags to match his skirts and shorts, so a little more low key.

Ashish has a black studded version which I absolutely love and a yellow juicy colored studded bum bag. Spot on for the 90′s trend.

For a high-street budget you can get some nice looking, slightly smaller, maybe more practical sized, versions from American Apparel in Nylon and Lamé Denim in fab colors. I am sure other high-street brands will follow on soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Still not sure if this is for you? Make up your mind quickly as the fashion rat pack have already got their filthy paws all over these babies!

Source: Guardian / Pictures: Vogue

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  1. SGNTP says:

    Noooo, not the infamous bumbag! Weren’t the 80s and American tourists enough??? Wont someone think of the children….

  2. PurpleHaze says:

    This is where i draw the line! I welcomed with open arms the return of Dynasty / Dallas style glamour in the shape of shoulder pads but THIS is an abomination… I’m gonna have to firmly sit outside of the fashion pack coffee house this time round. Me and the bum bug / pouch / fanny pack et al will have no relationship in this decade… nor the next!

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