Feb 2010 07

This could be the envy for some people I know but then maybe not because of its limited ability to to take proper photos right out of the box but only Fish-eye ones. Lomography releases it’s the Fisheye 2 model and comes in this rather harsh pink flavour of colouring but it is compact and uses 35mm film unlike its original predecessor. Features are a removable viewfinder, long and multiple exposures and the option of attatching Diana Flash with Colorsplash. I think you’re better of just getting the original DianaCam as it does all the above and more! And has nicer colours!

On the other hand this Valentines Day Lomography will be hosting an exciting event for ‘couples’ at the London Store/Gallery called Film Swingers! No no, get our mind out he gutter, its not as sexy as it sounds but works in a similar way.

• Shoot a roll of film (borrow a camera if you need one)

• Put it in an envelope -Pink for girls and Blue for boys- with name and email
• Stick it in our fishbowl
• Someone will take it and shoot over it
• They’ll contact you when the film is processed

There are prizes for the best works and discounts for those who attend. To enter, just turn up in store.

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