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As you do on a Sunday (not a particularly sunny one I might add) I was checking out the tinternet  to find some inspiration and I found this amazing photography set from Virb by Parisian Cedric Thrual (otherwise know just as thual). You would think by looking at this stunning landscape photography that this is his full time occupation but thual actually tells me the contrary.

His occupation by definition is as an architect but he’s been working on this craft since he was 15 and boy does it show!  You see, im not trying to compare but I’ve never posted landscape photography on artificialife up until now because either I’m missing something or work by everybody else is missing something and I could never nail it down until now.

I look at thual’s works and the thing that immediately jumps out at me is something so important in any still-life image (weather on canvas or on film) and that’s Texture. It seeps out without trying (and I’m looking at low-res images) and I see a complete photograph.

My wonder is if this stems from is relationship with materials in architecture or the visa versa. Nice work thual, let us know when your book comes out! If you’re in Paris about this time thual has an exhibition of his works presented by Stéphanie Bacon named Le Lieu Nu on 15th April 2010 between 7pm and 11pm click on the image below for details.

Follow his work here:

On Virb or on Flickr

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