A Hacker + a Consultant = Better Ideas (in this new book)
Sep 2010 06

My daily digging compelled me to pass this one on. I gotta say that I’m quite excited about the immenent release of  HACKING WORK: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein. I think that it could be the next Freakonomics (well at least in my head). In it, Jensen (a consultant) and Klein (a hacker) expose the cheat codes that enable people to work smarter instead of harder. Something unshort of intriguing.

Its like the perfect kind of mix of fringe mixed with business mind-set that I look for in any literature I put my valuable time aside to focus on. It’s not a guide to corporate anarchism – infact Hacking Work promises to highlight how to be a “benevolent hacker” hooo hoo!!

Someone who achieves company goals by bending the rules of an already broken system. These actions are always intended to help the customer and the corporation.

Perfect! Anyway I’ll be reading this book, try to get in-touch with the authors and I’ll come right back at ya! x

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