Jun 2011 24

If any of you knew well enough, you would already guess how wet this makes me…



Champions League – Its Crunch time
May 2011 03


Sure wished my team were here, would’ve been great to see them in Wembley Stadium, but still is great excitement all the same! :D


Found here.

“Peace” by Cem
May 2011 02

Point taken! Just Awesome!!!



“Confetti Death” by Typoe
May 2011 02

Found this one on my less than regular rubblings through Juxtapoz and I gotta say that I was stunned by this one. I’m gonna hold my hands up high and say that even if I have come across the graffiti artist Typoe’s work before I havent noticed it, but this sculpture could make me a fan of his forevermore – definately got my attention.



This piece is called ”Confetti Death” and is part of a series of pieces that he made earlier in the year (not sure wat the name of the collection is). I havent got those images, but soon as I do, I’m shooting those straight to your surfing tools.


Mediacom Toy x Mickey Mouse ‘The Worm Turns’
May 2011 02

A little something for your ornements collection. Personally, I’m not allowed anything like this back home but if I was I’d probably start here. Urban traditional brand or artist collaborations with Disney is nothing new (see here) but Medicom Toy comes up with a fresh and new collection to make ones home feel that much more interesting with the VCD Mickey Mouse figure which is based opon the 1937 ‘The Worm Turns’ Mickey Mouse episode where the Boss, Mickey is seen in a white lab coat making up a cocktail of suped up magical medicine – essentially one of those golden age of cartoons drug references.


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