Hero tools by Carhartt
May 2011 01

Not rubbing my own cock or anything, but I think I do alright on the every day popularity contest but i think that I could become a literal urban legend if I was cooking up a sweet BBQ with a high quality, stainless steel Portable BBQ produced by Carhartt.



Dont let the girlies know, but its super easy to assemble and pack down and also comes with an easy to carry shoulder strap carry bag. You know whats more tempting beside its sweetness? It only costs £29.99 and can be bought here at size?

Aint got a garden, but im buying one now!!



My Future Home
May 2011 01

Some day …
Oh, why not call it my home in 6 months :)




Found right here:
Design You Trust

Pirelli 2012 calender speculation
May 2011 01

With speculation growing about the Pirelli 2012 calender growing and with photographer Steven Meisel famed for shooting for Madonna’s book 992 book Sex in the early 90′s and model Anna Selezneva‘s being attached to it, I thought that I’d post images from the last 2011 addition (which I didn’t get to post before but is probably hanging on a wall of someone you know.



Keybrid by Scott Amron
Feb 2011 03

Keybrid, Totally ingenius, a perfect project I wish I had thought of.

I’ve so totally fallen in love with it, that I already got mine here. Also looking forward to the 2012 releases.


PS. dont be put off by the music on the video!

KAWS for The Standard Hotels
Feb 2011 03

Some of you might have already seen this? But hey, the deserved home for this kinda work is right here. I will be first to say that in recent years I haven’t been a massive fan of KAWS, forgive me for saying it but I’ve always found his work a little too easy for his own ability and it begun to churn out everywhere.

This however, is different. The Brooklyn based artist has gone all flashy and made one of the most difficult things I can imagine. I think I need one and I’ll be visiting Standard Hotel and online to see if I can get one shipped. All I can say is well done. And if there are any kleptomaniacs nearby the retail stores who fancy doing me a favor?… well you get the idea.

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