BIG NEWS: Nike files a patent for the Air Max McFly’s!?
Aug 2010 25

Could this be true? Well it certainly looks like it. I’ve just discovered that Nike last year filed an international patent for “footwear with an automatic lacing system.” That sounds alot to me like Nike are on their way to producing my beloved shoe that I’ve always wanted so much, since that first time I saw a proper film at the cinema with my aunty during Christmas ’89 and I got my first Happy meal… Okay okay i’ll chill out.

But this is for real though. I’ve fantasised about getting these for 21 years now and maybe, just maybe, finally I might be able to get  pair in 2015 – I’m first in the cue. BTW if you dont know these trainers (sneakers) are from the best film of all time shame on you.

I wonder if it does cool stuff with the iPhone given Apple+Nike’s close relationship?

LOVE Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for this years fall issue
Aug 2010 03

I’m a big fan of the LOVE Magazine covers and the Fall issuee makes no changes to that standard. Here’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking hotter than grace in a fresh Joan Holloway style. This picture upsets me because she’s just too much! Anyway, the wonderful imagery was made by Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott and as is that time of year, expect more Victorias Angels like this on the next wave over covers coming at you after jump!

Jul 2010 14

A little off piste but I had to share this!! Looked at the picture and I though immediately – I dont get it! But watched the video and I got it right away (the video is really simple – love the you gotta love the continentals for that). I can help but appreciate fully the genius that was behind this.

This thing is awesome! I want one today – only I use UK sockets! :( !

This 10 meter Designcord cable reel has a unique and convenient auto rewind roll-up function: just press the button by hand or by foot and the cord automatically retracts. Furthermore this cable reel has fixed sockets. This means that while you wind or unwind the cord, the sockets/plugs and the devices plugged into it remain in place. So no more tangled-up cords. The Autorewind function make the product so much more convenient. It gives you the same ease of use as the cord of a vacuum cleaner.


Jun 2010 22

Interesting packging design by YSL for their new ‘Energising Mist’ Pour de Corps. Its fresh and quite avant-garde. I reckon that its quite appealing with the fresh and contemporary avant garde look. I have no idea where the inspiration came from for the drops and I have no idea what they’re meant to be but I think the genius designer Axel Peemoeller might have been influenced by Viktor & Rolfs flowerbomb. I’m well confused! All the same, what an awesome design.

London: The Routemaster’s back
Jun 2010 21

Hmmm! I gotta admit. I ain’t decided whether I like this yet. I’ll tell you why. The ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone (one of my personal political heroes) phased out the original Routemaster in 2004. Caused a bit of an uproar in London as it killed 49 years of tradition and no hopping on and off the bus at will. It was later replaced with the “Bendy bus” why anybody hates it i dont know… its free and its never full. But Routemaster good because its funny to see people hurt themselves jumping off too early. “Bendy bus” good because its free most times :D

Anyway… check out the new routemaster mockups!!

My friend who made this tune is gonna get royalties upon royalties the when vehicle comes out…


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