Champions League – Its Crunch time
May 2011 03


Sure wished my team were here, would’ve been great to see them in Wembley Stadium, but still is great excitement all the same! :D


Found here.

Timba Smits says so much!
May 2011 02

I loved this so much, I had to share.


Kept you waitin’ huh!?
Feb 2011 02

Hey guys, yup its neilzii and yup It’s been a while since you last heard from me and I’ve really missed talking to you.

Why have I been gone so long? what happened to the site?

Well first off, there were a lot of Realife changes for me where kinds of shit went down all of a sudden, so that took a whole chunk of my attention away from my Artificialife. And as you can see, my Artificialife has gone through some changes too, but there are plenty of people to thank for that.

1) I’d like to give a big shout out to my hacker OPr1meZo0P who kindly fucked up my wordpress and somehow deleted my database. Without you I probably wouldnt have found the motivation to take steps to the redesign.

2) I’d like to send out a big thanks to my boy Faz – not your real name but you know who you are! He sorted me out with some old PHP scripting issues and helped my find a back up

3) My hosting provider MediaTemple. Brilliant job, once they understand where your going they over deliver big time.

4) WordPress. This new 3.04 is the shit. Keep em coming.

5) You guys. My readers, Artists, supporters, Social network fans, PR guys, galleries, etc etc. You guys are amazing and have been incredibly supportive through the journey. Thank you!! No really THANK YOU x

Now back to business. I cant promise that this is ever going to be daily blogging session coming from me. But I’ll strive to keep you, updated, posted, upgraded with the best goodness (at least in my opinion) out there on a regular basis. I’ll keep it personal too, so I’ll let you know a little more about me and what I do. Most importantly I will keep you entertained!!! And I know you like that.

Whats more? Well, I’ve got big plans for Artificialife so watch this space. New features coming to the site bit by bit. What you cant see right now are the additional security methods, but I can promise you theres gonna be a few things I know you wanted coming out of this.

Anyway, this is blog of the day and I’m leaving it here for now. But promise me you’ll come back tomorrow to see my five favorites from in the last few days.

See you then! neilzii x

Jul 2010 05

Some of you may have noticed the lack of posts and no service today on Artificialife. To put it simply, we were hacked. We’re working on some defences and we’ll be back with more creative goodness shortly!!


neilzii x

Mar 2010 23

Not quite as enormous as the Tom Ford return but a little more in line with when you loose your keys and finding them again… we’re finally back after nearly 4 weeks of absence and sorry its been so long since we last updated you with the goodness we usually bring you here on Artificialife and we’ve missed you. Because there is only one of us right now, working on a some big things, we’re a bit slow. But some good news is that we hope to give you a newly improved version of this site before Q4 2010.

Anyways, some good stuff coming right atcha!


neilzii x

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