Hero tools by Carhartt
May 2011 01

Not rubbing my own cock or anything, but I think I do alright on the every day popularity contest but i think that I could become a literal urban legend if I was cooking up a sweet BBQ with a high quality, stainless steel Portable BBQ produced by Carhartt.



Dont let the girlies know, but its super easy to assemble and pack down and also comes with an easy to carry shoulder strap carry bag. You know whats more tempting beside its sweetness? It only costs £29.99 and can be bought here at size?

Aint got a garden, but im buying one now!!



Classic Car Photography by Ken Brown
May 2011 01

Here is a series of great photography by Ken Brown.  Brown was always attracted to restored classic cars since his childhood, where his family was dedicated collecting and preserving of vintage automobiles.

These photos pounce right out at you much stroonger than those you’ll see in modern day advertising being both emotive and cinematic with the life and silhouette of the car, coming alive from the darkness.

This collection features many of the legendary cars of history spanning from the 1930′s to the 60s. What fascinates me looking the entire collection is what I hadn’t noticed before; these cars all represent the hopes and dreams of thier era entirely… think about it, let me know your thoughts if you want!? x


Big poppa GTO baby. I love you x


I could see Nuckie Thomspon driving this one in his old age


Space aged



If Apple made mixing decks…
May 2011 01

they’d probably look something a little like this…



Quite clearly inspired by the simplicity of design by Jonathan Ive, Germany based Hoerboard have done the ingenious. When a DJ is thinking about getting a furniture set up for his mixing decks or sound system, he (or she) would consider pure practicality  of purpose over the overall look of it.   The Scomber Mix is designed to make your DJ turntables and mixers fit perfectly into a ergonomic and aesthetic workstation that is completely customisable.


This is the future me thinks! And I think I’m getting the black Scomber! x



Included in the photos below are the Classic Zebrano and the Laptop clip, to add to your fun. My god think i’m gonna have wet dreams tonight.


Trending: Tsovet SVT-FW44 Field Watch
Feb 2011 03

Well its that time.. about that time I go to bed. But before that let me tell you about the  Tsovet SVT-FW44 Field Watch.

“Inspired by the WWI infantryman’s field watch, the Swiss Made SVT-FW44 (model no. FW331011-02) answers the same call to synchronize and coordinate movement, but it does so within the business and social battlefields of today. Undeniably, the field watch and its ever increasing functionality improved the effectiveness of infantrymen and commanders alike. As soldiers scrambled out of trenches of the Somme, or engaged in flanking maneuver under the darkness of the Argonne forest, time dictated their success or failure. Similarly, today’s timepiece must also offer functionality and effectiveness—both trademarks of the classically styled svt-fw44. A Ronda 1014 Swiss quartz movement with eye port second hand positioned at 6 —comprised of all Swiss components and assembled by Swiss craftsmen—housed within a 44mm aerospace grade PVD black stainless steel case, along with hand-made Italian calf leather straps, provides unquestioned quality and reliability. The media-etched case and screw down crown repel environmental threats like wind and water. Night glow equipped with Super Luminova hands and dial markers complete the SVT-FW44.”

(Blogging can be the easiest thing when you get told what to say. I’ll try harder tomorrow… I’m tired.)

No lies though, I think this type of watch is trending this year, so get one. Also, it might save your life when your out lost in the woods.



Keybrid by Scott Amron
Feb 2011 03

Keybrid, Totally ingenius, a perfect project I wish I had thought of.

I’ve so totally fallen in love with it, that I already got mine here. Also looking forward to the 2012 releases.


PS. dont be put off by the music on the video!

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