May 2010 11

The adidas Originals Store in Thailand is kinda rocking it. They got artist Adidas (AKA ISE) to custom make these badboys chairs.

More pics after the click ;)


May 2010 11

Umm! So what can a bouncer say to me now when I rock onto the door with a pair of Adidas Consortium Micropacer Brogues? Huh! Yeah you know you havent got anything to say!

Apr 2010 22

Funny thing is, I’m looking for a Vespa (likely to purchase this summer in fact) and we all know they’re quite cool, nice classic design, each are pretty unique from your neighbours no matter how subtle the differences are and then you look at the Helmets… 60′s Future design with generous toppings of italian leather all enough to make you really badly wanna be a Conspicuous Consumer. And then you look at this….

Now this is taking the piss. Its too fresh and and and I need it all!

Feb 2010 24

Now this is an interesting project because its somewhat a true-to-life fusion of what Street Culture has been about since its (re)beginnings; mainstream-retro videogames, skateboards, bling toys and adidas all topped off as a piece for your mantle-piece so to speak.

No, but seriously what we have here is awe-inspiringly detailed work produced by HARVEST by haroshi (of Harumaki and Hirosher – who btw use a really badboy font on their website). Really simples, these guys started out as jewelry designers and now 7 years later, they’ve just gotten fat making stunning work out of old skateboards. Now thats sustainability!


Feb 2010 08

Toulousaine graffiti artist (and other half to DJ MehdiFafi has come together again with Adidas to create a special edition collection for this S/S. This collection is very much inspired by her personal wardrobe of vintage clothing and she exclaims that this is “very colorful spring/summer 2010 collection to celebrate the end of a cold winter, good times with friends, get noticed at airports and music festivals!”


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