Timba Smits says so much!
May 2011 02

I loved this so much, I had to share.


“Confetti Death” by Typoe
May 2011 02

Found this one on my less than regular rubblings through Juxtapoz and I gotta say that I was stunned by this one. I’m gonna hold my hands up high and say that even if I have come across the graffiti artist Typoe’s work before I havent noticed it, but this sculpture could make me a fan of his forevermore – definately got my attention.



This piece is called ”Confetti Death” and is part of a series of pieces that he made earlier in the year (not sure wat the name of the collection is). I havent got those images, but soon as I do, I’m shooting those straight to your surfing tools.


Aug 2010 31

I was looking through Flickr toda and found some of these from QBRK’s photostream. Based in Hamburg Germany, I think that this guy is immense. I love his work and I think there are to be some really awesome things coming up from this guy in future.

I’m getting well excited about the future for lowbrow. My collection is looking kinda sweet, and I think the right piece from this guy’s is gonna look proud amongst it.
Ben Matthews – After Dark
Aug 2010 25

Well its been some time since i blogged here, some what because of an exuburant lifestyle and an arrogant sense of disrespect to my loving audience so I thought that this time I would treat you to something quite fitting to the theme of Artificialife.

We’ve featured light paintings before and I foolishly beleived that nothing would come close to what i featured before but I think this graffiti project will give you a bit of delight. This one is by Ben Matthews who is actually by practice a dentist but clearly has a love of colour, light and superb photographic effects.

This set was produced on a skatepark (couldn’t tell you where) and features some amazing effects that I just cant get my head around how it was done. I wanna know Ben, let us know! I’m also curious to know if he worked with those brilliant guys at LAPP. Heres Ben’s Flickr Photostream for more of his sets.

Enjoy [..]

Jun 2010 20
Never caught up with this until now. Its Aakash Nihalani making stop signs noticable in Brooklyn. Here’s the video of his most recent urban renovation…


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