A Hacker + a Consultant = Better Ideas (in this new book)
Sep 2010 06

My daily digging compelled me to pass this one on. I gotta say that I’m quite excited about the immenent release of  HACKING WORK: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein. I think that it could be the next Freakonomics (well at least in my head). In it, Jensen (a consultant) and Klein (a hacker) expose the cheat codes that enable people to work smarter instead of harder. Something unshort of intriguing.

Its like the perfect kind of mix of fringe mixed with business mind-set that I look for in any literature I put my valuable time aside to focus on. It’s not a guide to corporate anarchism – infact Hacking Work promises to highlight how to be a “benevolent hacker” hooo hoo!!

Someone who achieves company goals by bending the rules of an already broken system. These actions are always intended to help the customer and the corporation.

Perfect! Anyway I’ll be reading this book, try to get in-touch with the authors and I’ll come right back at ya! x

Book Review: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
Apr 2010 19

So I recently I was invited to review an advanced copy of Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality by Behance Network’s founder and CEO Scott Belsky.

I couldn’t tell you if this is his first or second book but I guess it’s not relevant but the facts are that he wrote it and published it. I mean, from a single idea, he made it happen and it precisely what this book aims for you to achieve.

Prior to this Belsky watched and reserched the working processes and practices of many of todays most sucessful businesses from the inside and getting close to many of those responisible for making ideas come to life. In the book he shares the results of this research and he presents a broken-down process to help all creative’s people realise the best practices of the ‘uber-productive’ (ala Ji Lee, John Maeda, Chris Anderson and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh) and he does so with outstanding simplicity and clarity.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is no self-help book and neither does it fit in that slightly odd business and strategy category at your local book store. This is reads more like a no nonsense guidebook to getting the best out of yourself as a ‘creative’.

One of the things that really stood out for me in this book is that there is no psycho-babel or new-age talk so it doesn’t fill you with any extra bullshit to worry about. In-fact this book is seemless. In its core, the book is designed to help you (creative person) take action towards making that millionaire vision you have become a reality with organization, community and leadership skills and unfortunately 99% hard un-enjoyable hard-grafting. There is really nothing else in there!!

What I love about this book is that every chapter is a concise size on purpose. In one of his earlier chapters Scott talks about keeping meetings concise and to the point. Clearly his writing style has inherited as every word that is written is done so without any wastage. I could easily have read this book in 3 days or less.

This might be one of the smaller book reviews you may have read but I wanted to keep this to the point. I mean, the main reason you want to buy this book is because you’re looking for all the answers to bring your idea(s) to the physical realm, I can’t promise it has all the answers, but it’s given me enough to get take action in many ways I never thought before and also reaffirmed some of the gifts that I  have naturally, how & where to focus them, and where to delegate and when to ask for a mastermind if required (I could go on)…

All I’m leaving you with is that this could be the singular most important book I will ever read as its broken down my process to elements that I am developing and harnessing. And I can imagine turning back to a number of pages like a reference guide or instruction manual to bringing my visions to reality.

Thank you Scott!! and thanks also to Portfolio who tipped us with this one.

You buy it here now!

Jan 2010 01

Big Brother is watching you! So kit up and have a gander and the mantra that was in 1984 lol!  Here is a photographic collage by American Colby Thueson who has pit together a thought provoking piece based on Orwell’s classic Nineteen Eighty-Four (which is and will continue to be the most important book of all time). As a work, I mean this respectfully but I cant personally say it’s great but the message is important. I feel that It’s done to highlight the attitudes of mainstream society today and where the cause might be by the imagery and the recital of the INGSOC mantra. Colby’s other works like American Stereo-types are much more accomplished. Though, there are some that might see that there is a clear influence by Mark Weaver‘s work as exampled below.

More of this collection here below  …

First spotted here!

Dec 2009 31

Gotta give it to Mini. Continuing their quest to meet the hearts of urbanites worldwide, in Switzerland they have selected a group of 10 artists or bombers alike and asked them to decorate the car in amazing vibrant imagery as part of the celebration of Mini’s 50th Anniversary and the launch of a art book – Wash Me. I gotta say that this collaboration has done a excellent job in expanding the paridigm of what can be done to a car’s external decor.

I like some of you had a hard time reading the German text in the literature. But just for you what I have extracted is that the collaboration was 10 works done between 13 contributors, some well known in graffiti cirlces. Best known being SeakEuro and Smash137 and others not so well includes Rémi Jaccard & Stefan Ege, Marisa Pichler & Gigi Burn, Dieter Meier, Michèle Roten, Aurèle Sack, Tika, & August with a critic by Alfredo HäberliFabian Bertschinger & Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Otten.

None the chosen artists had worked on a vehicle as a canvas before so it was a real challenge of spirit for them due to the new amount of care and logistics they had to adapt to. They were all developed in different locations with [..]

Dec 2009 31

‘Whoop Whoop’ … you know the rest!

I didn’t know this until I saw it on Slamxhype but a little while back in Autumn KRS ONE has launched his his first book called ‘The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument‘, which is the first book from the ‘I Am Hip Hop’ imprint. It’s a  philosophical masterwork of KRS ONE and written in the format of a self-help book and visual style in a holy book that I am sure many Hip-Hop heads will see it as. The publisher PowerHouse and say that its ‘opus is a spiritual manual for citizens of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with faith and practical knowledge, for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life path.’

Ultimately the book covers some of his life story but also details the history in creation and development of Hip-Hop culture, what it means, and the true philosophy for hip hops future by stating its true fundamentals. I think I might pick up a copy to find more ammunition for real hip hop none of that Hip-Pop shit.