KAWS for The Standard Hotels
Feb 2011 03

Some of you might have already seen this? But hey, the deserved home for this kinda work is right here. I will be first to say that in recent years I haven’t been a massive fan of KAWS, forgive me for saying it but I’ve always found his work a little too easy for his own ability and it begun to churn out everywhere.

This however, is different. The Brooklyn based artist has gone all flashy and made one of the most difficult things I can imagine. I think I need one and I’ll be visiting Standard Hotel and online to see if I can get one shipped. All I can say is well done. And if there are any kleptomaniacs nearby the retail stores who fancy doing me a favor?… well you get the idea.

Jan 2010 31

Pharrell interviewed by Rob Stone at the Midem Music Business 2010 Conference (in Cannes) talks about his ability to stay fresh and the challenges he experiences when developing something out of his endless ideas. I’ve learned and re-learned some huge lessons from this. So take your time watching this 40min video and bookmark it too!

Jan 2010 10

I found these guys a little while back, and I was particularly attracted to Alfa Afla. What you’re looking at is some works from a collaboration of 27 Uruguayan artists, who go by the name of Monterama.  There works vary from street art to sculpture. I think this portal the’ve created is fantastic because its not often you get to see work from Uruguay, so expect to be surprised by delicious colours, ideas and forms by this unique collaboration of  graphic designers, ilustrators and artists!

Be inspired here on their Portal


Jan 2010 10

WOWEEE!! colettes year starts off with a massive kiss on the mouth! No seriously, look at these exclusive trench coats created by Burberry specifically and exclusively for colette’s store on Rue Saint Honoré. They’re extremely sexy and and I’m not saying that I’v ever doubted the ability of Christopher Bailey but I originally thought his marriage with Burberry was gonna make him limited but I’m proven wrong every season. All I can say about this exclusive collection is nothing but congratulations!  AWESOME!

They’re available next month (22nd – 27th February) and will cost you  £1800 and £2250. [..]

Jan 2010 01

London is the city chosen to photo-shoot the Bathing Ape & United Arrows collaboration for 2010. The photo (as seen below) stars Nigo (of Bathing Ape) and Poggy (of United Arrows) that was taken in a London Taxi cab in (where I would guess) the vicinity of Saville Row that is quite ‘fitting’ for the launch of this new Spring collection.

One image as seen below is of (what I’d guess a tailored) navy blue pinstripe jacket with matching waist coat with a classic white shirt and classic BAPE fatigue large tie with a pinstripe newsboy cap thats just got me going crazy!


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