“Confetti Death” by Typoe
May 2011 02

Found this one on my less than regular rubblings through Juxtapoz and I gotta say that I was stunned by this one. I’m gonna hold my hands up high and say that even if I have come across the graffiti artist Typoe’s work before I havent noticed it, but this sculpture could make me a fan of his forevermore – definately got my attention.



This piece is called ”Confetti Death” and is part of a series of pieces that he made earlier in the year (not sure wat the name of the collection is). I havent got those images, but soon as I do, I’m shooting those straight to your surfing tools.


May 2010 28

Here is a look at the FUCT SSDD Spring/Summer 2010 “Erebus” Collection.  Made by Erik Brunetti who has designed and created his own custom fabrics and textiles to produce a very unique collection.

This preview showcases a ‘Medicine Crow’ shirt as well as the ‘Erebus BDU’ trouser as well as the ‘SSDD Geronimo’ shirt. It really sucks that they are only available in their store because the trousers are bashy but you can get a squeeze from the Union online store.


Apr 2010 22

I thought some of you might enjoy this.  We’ll see how it goes and if it goes down well with you lot we’ll do Swimwear tomorrow! :D


Feb 2010 08

Toulousaine graffiti artist (and other half to DJ MehdiFafi has come together again with Adidas to create a special edition collection for this S/S. This collection is very much inspired by her personal wardrobe of vintage clothing and she exclaims that this is “very colorful spring/summer 2010 collection to celebrate the end of a cold winter, good times with friends, get noticed at airports and music festivals!”


Feb 2010 03

I didn’t get round to showing you the Billionaire Boys Club x Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook but here’s a Behind-the-Scenes look at the making of!  Shot right here in the UK.