Jan 2010 31

Pharrell interviewed by Rob Stone at the Midem Music Business 2010 Conference (in Cannes) talks about his ability to stay fresh and the challenges he experiences when developing something out of his endless ideas. I’ve learned and re-learned some huge lessons from this. So take your time watching this 40min video and bookmark it too!

Jan 2010 19

I love furniture not just lamp and but the one of the thing that I’m totally obsessed about right now are chairs like that one but especially this one. Laisr (Swiss furniture brand) have made this special piece of craftsmanship, meet Walter, Steve and Sandro…

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Jan 2010 03

These are just awesome! Though, I’m not a huge fan of Football Club Barcelona I cannot deny how great this work sings to me The illustrations here are a result of a collaboration between Nike Football x FC Barcelona and designers VanilaBCN.

The illustrated types are for Football Club Barcelona addressed to their fans across the world. Some great work here… will be keeping an eye on what more VanilaBCN bring along!


Nov 2009 26

Now you can probably already tell that I am a big fan of really colourful things, I like books that really stand out visually but I also especially like books that use your imagination, change your paridigm but also books that deal with spirituality. Its clear that this is a perfect gift to me and if you are like me them I’m sure you’ll appreciate Spirit Animals by Stefanie Iris Weiss.

Abduzeedo make this synopsis. “Long ago, many cultures regarded certain animals as reflecting a person’s true essence, as a link between this world and the spiritual realm. Today, this cosmic connection has become a cultural touchstone for a new generation. This illuminating book explains how to connect with and channel the unique powers of 40 different spirit animals. Featuring a menagerie of creatures—from the wise owl and crafty fox to the tranquil turtle and bold lion—each entry provides a detailed description of the animal’s personality, mythology, and innate powers. Helpful text provides readers with clues and meditations for discovering their own spirit animal as well as information on how other animals can be called on to help with specific desires—from overcoming fear to finding true love.”

Abduzeedo are giving away a copy. Go here to claim your prize.

Pictures and some words respectively listed from Abduzeedo.