May 2010 12

I’m finding it really difficult to beleive that these are hand paintings! WOW!!!

The portraits are by New Yorker Yigal Ozeri. His technique isnt by memory or purely by hand but they are new(ish). Firstly he shoots photogrphy in an environment of his chosing, normally something natural then he uses Photoshop to enhance the shots before they are blown up to use as a guide for his actual painting. All of these images are created using a large canvas and oil paints.

They are currently being exhibited at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York and the exhibtion is named after the feminine concept developed by Carl Jung “Desire for Anima.”

Here he is …


Apr 2010 22
This is Mi Ju, no not me Julie but pretty close. Straight outta South Korea she’s a Painting grad from Yeungnam University. Right now she’s working on currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute.
If you find yourself in San Francisco next week, you can catch the opening of her first solo show at Fecal Face Dot Gallery (yeah you got it an arm of Fecal Face),
It starts next Thursday 29th April (I wont be there) 7pm-10pm. And will continue running until Saturday 22nd May 2010. Her works below were exhibited at IN-N-OUT summer series last year (also at the Fecal Face Dot Gallery).
PS. If you go – I want photos erhem, you know who im talking to!!
Apr 2010 21

At the begining of this month the S.M.A.K. Ghent in Belgium have been hosts to the The Cemetery of Reason, which is somewhat a ‘halfway’ retrospective of American artist Ed Templeton. This exhibition displays many 15 years of collections and experiments he’s done which exhibits discover photos, paintings and sculptures and all curated in compositions of unusual images.


The exhibition tells the story makes a professional skateboarder, a photographer, an illustrator, a painter … A story that even though he focuses on his life and those around him, goes far beyond the autobiographical and exposes societal phenomena with courage and without making any judgments.


I’ve sourced pretty much all of this from GLLTN so if you can read French I recommend checking it out, it quite comprehensive and very very good. If you can read French then still check out the page and see the rest of the pictures.


Jan 2010 14

Brooklyn’s Aakash Nilhalani‘s works will be displayed at the Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art. It will be an exhibition of his work including a number of site-specific installations of made with different materials ala coloured tape and his sculptural work made from metal and plastic.

His work is easily identified by his admires worldwide as much of his work is very visually impacting as some of you might hve already seen that a lot of his works are done by a modification or adaption of the urban lanscapes, pretty much graffitiin approach.
But what I personally love about Nihalani’s work isn’t just his courage but the neon colours he uses in his subjects. As you many already know I’m a massive fan of all things colourful especially when done in minimalist form.

The On & Off (Often On) is on now up until 18th February 2010 at Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art, West Hollywood, California.

Jan 2010 11

Takashi Murakami, famed for collaborating with Louis Vuitton is 2004, was invited by the Palace of Versailles for a 2 month retrospective of his work to be displayed later this year. He’s a Japanese leading artist in the revived Pop Art movement (made famous by the likes of Warhol & Dali). The Exhibition will run between 12th September and 12th December and will be Murakami’s first major retrospective in France. This seems to be a new trend after Jeff Koons and Xavier Veilhan was on display in 2008 & 2009.

Its known that Murakami will display paintings and sculptures in the 15 Rooms at the Palace of Versailles’ Hall of mirrors and in the Rooms of the King and Queen. Some of Murakami’s work is known to be very edgy so I’m expecting than Murakami will follow the lead of Koons by avoiding the display of any offensive work in the home of King Louis XIII and sons.