Jan 2010 10
I’ve been looking up some new shoes. I dont regularly wear them (as you can tell I’m a bit of a ‘Sneaker Freak’) but I found this new range of footwear by US brand Generic Man that I thought I must share! Apparently this collection is much larger than 2009′s. They’re all hand-made using some of the finest Italian materials with classic silhouettes. I personally like the featured classics with perferated leather and the blue suede high-tops just below!
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Jan 2010 06

I dont really like to wear shoes and I usually look around for the closest alternative; now these clearly aren’t shoes but these are taking the piss, as they’re made with Italian fine leather and made in Italy so guaranteed quality with unique shoe codes on the side. They are the new Common Projects’ Summer Edition Achilles out at the end of this month. The soles have slimmed down considerably, compared to the previous runs, which is probably why I’ve never noticed them until now. Little more to say really as they speak for themselves but I reckon that the black ones are extra crispy!

You’ll probably be looking at parting with £250 for these ones.

Jan 2010 06

Additional to the zig-zag pair shown earlier, here is a sneaker peek at their Spring Summer 2010 collection.  This years collection has looked into shrinking the shoe padding and overall size a bit as clearly the last season they were on the nice side of massive. Though the production of the shoe’s (from the pictures) look a bit basic they havent gone all cheap on us as they’ve included  some new lush materials like as calf skin and ‘grosgrain ribbon’ (a thick ribbed ribbon made of silk) on all of their trainers. Of course you can buy these at collete in the coming weeks but they ain’t gonna be cheap.

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Jan 2010 05

On top of having a brilliant 2009 (especially so after Kerry Hilson and Michelle Obama was sporting them twice in summer) in the warmer climate of this year Lanvin have gotten a little more creative on the range of trainers for this year  and no doubt about to steal the show this year. Alber Elbaz (Art Director) is targetting a much more flavoursome fashioning this year by introducing more colour, different textures and prints to the range as well as experementing with new fabrics (as exampled).

I think this year you’re gonna see these blow up in the press and even adorning a few pedis at Movida etc….


Dec 2009 28

I was just debating that there is just too much male fashion on Artificialife and 2 minutes later I find this. Which just has to be shared. What you’re looking is part of the Dior Homme Spring 2010 collection of mens trainers. Personally I have fallen in-love with these. They’re exquisite; High-Top, laced from toe to ankle (kinda) and strapped slightly resembling a cave-man hunters shoe But just neat! Love Em!!!

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