Jan 2010 20
Last month I told you about ‘One Size Fits All’ shot by Terry Richardson with models Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn. Just dropped a few days ago V Magazine celebrates the body  in“The Size Issue – Every Body is Beautiful” On shelves now!

This time, here’s a sneak peak at ‘Curves Ahead’ by de shooter Solve Sundsbø with a plethra of models Michelle Olson, Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring Tara Lynn, and Kasia P.
Celebrating girls of all sizes everywhere! x
Jan 2010 19

GQ again, keeping very high standards (as expected) but I am saying this out of surprise because mens magazines tend to stick to the same old. Next months issue is going to be a super-special. Why? because Feburary doesn’t just hold a special treat for the ladies with Valentines day but  also holds an event which is pretty much the closest you can get to the Superbowl/Champions League final … okay okay, i think that’s just me getting too excited here …

In Februrary’s ‘March issue’ of GQ UK, some really eye candy is in store. de Shooter Gavin Bond shoots Victoria’s Angels, Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shannan Click and Elyse Taylor in a style somewhat inspired by masters of pin-up George Petty and Alberto Vargas!

Great heart starter for 2010 me thinks! (Continue post to see more…) [..]

Dec 2009 24

I’m a big fan of my plus size girls. I dont know what it is but it just fits my archetype of the perfect lady. Nothing against you skinny girls (I love my skinny ones too) but the plus ones make me feel like a porn star daily! So I was well stoked when I saw that V Magazine are celebrating Plus Size Models not only by a little article but a whole issue of sweet jelly goodness! As you can tell I cant wait to get my hands on a copy… (continue reading)


Nov 2009 24

Yes! What you are seeing here is an official advertising treatment from our old friends in Denmark. In keeping with the tradition of Scandinavian sexual liberation LEGO‘s German advertising agency DDB Hamburg in January this year created a brand new fetish with our favoured toys – I gotta say in my head there are so many metaphysical undertones going on here nevermind the sexual… think about it.

Anyway point in hand, ever since Kanye put this on up on his bluhg its been blowing up all over the bloggers community but its not really new so I thought I’d clear that up…

Still leaves a lot of questions i.e why for adults? is part of a conspiracy to stop adults being grown-ups by tugging on their nostalgia? and if this becomes an official ad campaign i’ll ask you what will they build next? Ahh those Crazy Europeans..

Answers on a post-card would be nice but the comments box will do nicey nicey x