London Miles present Made in Britain + Visual Splendor 10th Sept
Sep 2010 06

I’m going to …

Made in Britain: A group show featuring all 24 x 24 inch artworks from more than 30 British artists. Opening Reception: September 10th, 2010 from 7pm to 11pm.

Visual Splendor: A solo show by David Marsh, aka Mesh137. Opening Reception: September 10th, 2010 from 7pm to 11pm.

Both at the London Miles Gallery – Westbourne Studios. 242 Acklam Road, London, W10 5JJ.

I’m hoping to get my hands on a bit of Mesh137′s + Phil Coleman’s work. I’ve waited nearly a year!!!

02077274447 for more info!

Need I say more?

Ben Matthews – After Dark
Aug 2010 25

Well its been some time since i blogged here, some what because of an exuburant lifestyle and an arrogant sense of disrespect to my loving audience so I thought that this time I would treat you to something quite fitting to the theme of Artificialife.

We’ve featured light paintings before and I foolishly beleived that nothing would come close to what i featured before but I think this graffiti project will give you a bit of delight. This one is by Ben Matthews who is actually by practice a dentist but clearly has a love of colour, light and superb photographic effects.

This set was produced on a skatepark (couldn’t tell you where) and features some amazing effects that I just cant get my head around how it was done. I wanna know Ben, let us know! I’m also curious to know if he worked with those brilliant guys at LAPP. Heres Ben’s Flickr Photostream for more of his sets.

Enjoy [..]

May 2010 11

I aint gonna say much on this one but i thought it was pretty cool …

Made by Facadeprinter they created a paintball gun controlled by a robot and mobile software that allowed “printing” of images on giant walls throwing paint balls at over 200km / h with a rate of 5 balls per second and “pixels.”  Brings a new meaning to war-paint Crazy!!

I’m interested to know your thoughts on this one?

Gabriel Mendez – Sao Paulo x Los Angeles
Apr 2010 28

This amazingly stunningly brilliant  photography is produced by the Brazilian-American artist Gabriel Mendez. His work is produced by  choosing people chosen almost at random on the street to pose front of these equally amazing murals.

He was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and recently graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York where he resides part-time (as well as Rio) where he exhibited his own projects.
Feb 2010 04

Right here is a nice look at Eric Haze’s installation for the Stussy Shinjuku Chapter store in Tokyo. Essentially Haze is giving the store a brand new flavour with the touch of his brush as opposed to any cans this time and is done all in order for more propaganda support of the Haze x Stussy Spring capsule collection collab for this year.

Haze will also be exhibiting his freshness in on 26th February in LA displaying all the original framed artwork used in developing the collection, as well as some installations and product displays, which will also include the upcoming Haze x Stussy x Pro Keds model sneaker.” You can find that at the Known Gallery… we’ll hit you up when we get more on that!