“Peace” by Cem
May 2011 02

Point taken! Just Awesome!!!



“Confetti Death” by Typoe
May 2011 02

Found this one on my less than regular rubblings through Juxtapoz and I gotta say that I was stunned by this one. I’m gonna hold my hands up high and say that even if I have come across the graffiti artist Typoe’s work before I havent noticed it, but this sculpture could make me a fan of his forevermore – definately got my attention.



This piece is called ”Confetti Death” and is part of a series of pieces that he made earlier in the year (not sure wat the name of the collection is). I havent got those images, but soon as I do, I’m shooting those straight to your surfing tools.


Aug 2010 31

I was looking through Flickr toda and found some of these from QBRK’s photostream. Based in Hamburg Germany, I think that this guy is immense. I love his work and I think there are to be some really awesome things coming up from this guy in future.

I’m getting well excited about the future for lowbrow. My collection is looking kinda sweet, and I think the right piece from this guy’s is gonna look proud amongst it.
Jan 2010 12

This is this is quite a touching story in a weird way that goes overboard in proving my point that the world is a beautiful place and contrary to a lot of what my contemporaries say big business can be a huge part of that. The story starts off with Streetfiles a young non-profit organisation were established in July 2008. The main idea behind their work was to create a place where in which Street Artists can share their work with the rest of the world via their website in either picture or video which is great for allowing new artists of this kin to make a name for themselves on the world stage. Fortunately and unfortunately Streetfiles grew so fast they began running out of funding for the project and were despratley seeking sponsours. On the 11th Hour Montana Colors (a Spanish aerosol paint company) stepped in to sponsor  them and this is how they were given thanks…

See!? Gratitude makes the world a better place and also given some of the charitable works I’ve seen multinational organisations do recently, I think I’m seeing a great trend here and I hope to see more and more of it.

Image by trotza.. via Streetfiles

Jan 2010 10

This is a new video put together by 13th Witness (Timothy McGurr) has shot a brand new video that zooms in on his father and legendary graffiti artist Futura 2000. It’s really a short video where Futura showboats some of his can-magic on what looks like some kind of 2010 calender. It astounds me to know that Futura is 54 and still banging out great work like this and clearly passed on some of his creative talents to his son.

Heres a couple of other pieces done by 13th Witness… [..]

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