May 2010 12

I kinda missed out on all of these and the only reason why it drew my attention is because in this fifth installament of jeffstaple’s 1-2-1 series we get to watch an intimate playout of graffiti legend Futura. In this interview they uncover his (Futura’s) thoughts on street culture and why he feels he has the need to continually reinvent himself as an artist.

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. Futura from jeffstaple on Vimeo.


Jan 2010 12

The Ecstatic to me was the Most Defining album of last year and right now I’m still enjoying Blakroc! The Ecstatic for me is the perfect transition for Hip Hop of the Noughties to what its about to become this decade, I say that because like the beginning of the previous decade that true change isn’t quite there yet though… that feeling I get listening to hip-hop these days is more than apparent … something like listening to classics by Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and all alike. I think, like those guys, Mos Def has crossed the ocean to complete this album (ala tracks by Mr.Flash & Oh No)! Anyway, coming back from another tangent, the video I’ve posted below is an interview of Mos Def really just expressing is pure excitement for his forth studio solo album even though I think his aim was to talk you through his development of the album. I love to see my peops so excited about their work to the point they can’t express it in words! BTW I think Life In Marvelous Times is the best tune on the album! SICK!!!

Jan 2010 09
I gotta admire this guy. Griffiti Artist Saber has had a tough time but clearly still passionate about life and his surroundings. The video below (from Jet Set Graffiti) interviews Saber about his winning of a politcal flag this in the US (I cant really get the details).

Anyway, At face value I looked at this piece (on a picture) and didn’t think much of it, it doesn’t stand out as the prettiest work neither anything thats never been done before but as I got digging I discovered a few delightful its bits from it. The Controversy – Its easy to forget how much the right wingers in the US worship their flag and this work cause a massive stir there, geez it was on Fox News. His Passion - One thing I think that can easily go a miss without listening to his interview is how attached he is to the flag, essentially his version speaks about HIM personally. What comes out most clearly is his Love for what he’s doing. Look a him come alive when he works on the prints…

Retrospectively, having looked at the prints again after watching the video I started to fall in love with them, how do you feel?
Also, thought you might wanna know that you can buy the prints here on Jet Set Graffiti! (Good luck as I’d expect that the’re sold by now!)
Dec 2009 15

On Thursday, Beats & Crates got invited to interview Shafiq & The A-Free-Ka Ensemble’s studio rehearsal at KXLU radio to get a true understanding of what this project is all about. Some highlights are on Shafiq Husyn‘s philosophy on history and the soul in his music. I wish I was jamming there man! AWESOME!!

If you’re in LA for Christmas go check their gig at the Plug Research 2010 on 22 Dec (this year) at The Echoplex!