Jan 2010 15

Righty! So here at Artificialife we like to make up words. Bashy words like Appendyture. Pronounced e’pen.dy’tyr. The word doesn’t exist!  You wont find it in any dictionary or on Google and if you did find it, you probably ended up right back here ……….  I told you so!

Anyways. As well as making up words here at Artificialife, we like iPhone’s… (well 2 of us do anyway!) And the reason we like iPhones is because of the iPhone Apps. There is nothing around currently where there are so many contributors knocking their heads together to come up with a way to make life easier for the average Jack and Jill. I mean there are some clever apps, everyday apps, useful apps and there are some bad apps … oh God and are the Bad Apps BAD… they are borderline ’I wanna kill myself’ BAD!

But today and at least every month (hopefully) Artificialife will feature the qualityest iPhone Apps out there you can download. Of course we’ll try to feature the free ones but if there’s value, the costly ones will be on here.

So welcome to iPhone App.enditure – Part I and check these out and let us know what you think… [..]

Jan 2010 06

Slightly different, I know, but I did tell you before about Augmented Reality and how its about to kick off this year in a big way (see Adidas AR & GQ AR) Honestly, I still think its a bit of a fad and yet to be convinced on the marketing side however I’m actually quite excited about its use here on the AR.Drone by Parrot. I’m gonna explain it simple. Its a remote controlled toy (heli)quadricopter that is controlled by the user via their iPhone. It has an imbedded micro-webcam that scans AR barcodes so you can play games with it… all explained in the 2 videos below. More info when it comes!!



Jan 2010 03
I’ve been walking around London for years upon years spotting these little Space Invader mosaics on street corners and sides of buildings. I have a mini collection of them in an iPhoto set but I always knew I couldn’t ‘catch em all.’ Most of them I forget where they were next time I brought my camera out to hunt for them. I googled them and ver found anything and then low and behold I discover this on Babelgum.
You’ll see below the video was shot with The Space Invader himself in London during the start of LAzaride’s Grifters exhibition in November and he explicitly demonstrates his work in motion for his ‘LDN 116′ piece from his rational for choosing a location, how he applies it to the wall and naming & tracking his work through GPS on his iPhone.
The video can be seen here on Babelgum and see more of his work in Space Invaders and here on Art of the State.

The LAzaride Grifters Exhibition is open up until 16th January 2010 and admission is Free! [..]

Jan 2010 03

Wow! This is nice isn’t it? 2009 was a year for me to meet the peak of my physical fitness but no that didn’t happen but i feel a huge amount better for it but my achievement (in part) couldn’t have been realised without my own Nike Sport Kit which has helped me run miles upon miles.

Anyways, Jaybird has taken a similar concept (the fusion of micro-technology with personal sport) and made it look REAL GOOD and solve problems like tangling or dangling wires. Jaybird this time have produced the SB1 Sportsband which Its a bluetooth headset with all controls set onto one ear (that are moisture protected), they provide 8 hours of stereo music use and even allow you to make calls through them! The Biggest surprise though is the price… $89 WOW!!! They’re available Now!