Aug 2010 31

Old news to me, but didnt get round to dropping this last time. Nevertheless still worth the droppage here on the network.

This guy Mike Giant is a cult legend – I cant say I heard of him before i saw this elsewhere though. Anyway cleverly Italian cycling co. Cinelli has collab’d with Giant to create of what he does best on these new Ram 2 drop bars. They’re limited edition and although I couldn’t find the actually designed bars on the tinternet I found the Ram 2′s here.

Apr 2010 23

Nigolden Week is upon us again, but this year Nigo will be doing something a little bit special and it makes me really jelaous that I don’t live in Japan sometimes! This year he will be personally handling,  hosting and teaching a T-shirt screenprinting workshop called Nigo’s Workshop! How f-ing cool is that!? So as part of the week he will be hosting 3 workshops in 3 different stores between 1st of May and 4th May all in order to celebrate their Bape 17th Anniversary!



Whats more , the students will be screenprinting the Bape 17th Anniversary Nigo Hand Print T-Shirts!!! How Awesome! We will post the events results as soon as they come in but in the meantime – let me know if you know anywhere where we can do this kinda thing!? SOUNDS FUN!!!


Jan 2010 30

Wooooo!!! Now im not a fan of the Cortez’s but I love these! I can see myself this time just stalking people in the jungle wearing these. They’ll complete my life!  I especially like the symbol on the tongue that remind me of the Dharma Initiative!

Anyway, they are a part of the celebration for Chinese New Year (starting Valentines Day). They have have a snow-white nylon upper with golden hue silk screened Tiger’s stripe print. The Chinese characters “寅”(tiger) and “平安” (peace) are embossed to to each shoe tongue. A Horse hair finishing which makes the shoe jump right out. The right shoe is finished with red trim which is in in respect to those born in the year of the tiger as a symbol of praying for good luck.

There are a limited 200 pairs that come with a special limited shoe box that looks more than awesome otherwise you can buy these with a regular Nike shoe box.

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Dec 2009 30

Patta’s success over the last 3 years has been truly unbeleivable. And I’ve been overly impressed by HUF‘s collections this and last season. Anyway, they’ve teamed up for the limited edition Capsule Collection that includes t-shirts, sweaters and snapbacks (baseball caps). According to Patta‘s site the t-shirts and snapbacks come in two colorways and the sweaters are all in heather grey.

The collection is due out tomorrow! Holla if you know where!!! [..]