May 2010 27

So I saw this one yesterday that was dropped on my Facebook newsfeed and truthfully I was expecting to see one of those really crumby videos that you see on the U music video channel (I mean the really bad ones). Anyway I was delighted to see this beauty, that was infact a parody of one of those really bad crumby videos that you see on the U-music video channel, produced by Steve Glashier, Nicholas Marston, Tyrone Bryant and Owen Phillips. And it stars KG The Comedian and Nicholas Marston + more.

Did some digging on this also and found out that its a viral for BoxFresh … smooth!!

Check it out…


Apr 2010 22

No we didnt manage to go! Why? Because we thought it opened tomorrow! Sorry but anyway today in London Gucci introduces the Icon-Temporary Pop Up Store to London for the latest leg of its world tour, which began back in 2009.

The store will remain open for three weeks at Covent Garden’s Seven Dials and will feature 17 exclusive shoe designs, 15 for Men and 2 for Women, as well as the limited edition Mark Ronson designs. The Icon-Temporary space launches on April 22nd for those looking to check it out.

I’ve probably missed all the designs in my size so thats gonna suck!

I hope I bump into some of you there! More pics after the jump!!


Feb 2010 07

This could be the envy for some people I know but then maybe not because of its limited ability to to take proper photos right out of the box but only Fish-eye ones. Lomography releases it’s the Fisheye 2 model and comes in this rather harsh pink flavour of colouring but it is compact and uses 35mm film unlike its original predecessor. Features are a removable viewfinder, long and multiple exposures and the option of attatching Diana Flash with Colorsplash. I think you’re better of just getting the original DianaCam as it does all the above and more! And has nicer colours!

On the other hand this Valentines Day Lomography will be hosting an exciting event for ‘couples’ at the London Store/Gallery called Film Swingers! No no, get our mind out he gutter, its not as sexy as it sounds but works in a similar way.

• Shoot a roll of film (borrow a camera if you need one)

• Put it in an envelope -Pink for girls and Blue for boys- with name and email
• Stick it in our fishbowl
• Someone will take it and shoot over it
• They’ll contact you when the film is processed

There are prizes for the best works and discounts for those who attend. To enter, just turn up in store.

Jan 2010 03
I’ve been walking around London for years upon years spotting these little Space Invader mosaics on street corners and sides of buildings. I have a mini collection of them in an iPhoto set but I always knew I couldn’t ‘catch em all.’ Most of them I forget where they were next time I brought my camera out to hunt for them. I googled them and ver found anything and then low and behold I discover this on Babelgum.
You’ll see below the video was shot with The Space Invader himself in London during the start of LAzaride’s Grifters exhibition in November and he explicitly demonstrates his work in motion for his ‘LDN 116′ piece from his rational for choosing a location, how he applies it to the wall and naming & tracking his work through GPS on his iPhone.
The video can be seen here on Babelgum and see more of his work in Space Invaders and here on Art of the State.

The LAzaride Grifters Exhibition is open up until 16th January 2010 and admission is Free! [..]

Jan 2010 01

London is the city chosen to photo-shoot the Bathing Ape & United Arrows collaboration for 2010. The photo (as seen below) stars Nigo (of Bathing Ape) and Poggy (of United Arrows) that was taken in a London Taxi cab in (where I would guess) the vicinity of Saville Row that is quite ‘fitting’ for the launch of this new Spring collection.

One image as seen below is of (what I’d guess a tailored) navy blue pinstripe jacket with matching waist coat with a classic white shirt and classic BAPE fatigue large tie with a pinstripe newsboy cap thats just got me going crazy!