If Apple made mixing decks…
May 2011 01

they’d probably look something a little like this…



Quite clearly inspired by the simplicity of design by Jonathan Ive, Germany based Hoerboard have done the ingenious. When a DJ is thinking about getting a furniture set up for his mixing decks or sound system, he (or she) would consider pure practicality  of purpose over the overall look of it.   The Scomber Mix is designed to make your DJ turntables and mixers fit perfectly into a ergonomic and aesthetic workstation that is completely customisable.


This is the future me thinks! And I think I’m getting the black Scomber! x



Included in the photos below are the Classic Zebrano and the Laptop clip, to add to your fun. My god think i’m gonna have wet dreams tonight.


The Toxic Avenger – N’Importe Comment (Video)
Aug 2010 31

The most Badass awesome video I’ve seen since Kanye West’s Power and completeley reflects a conversation i was having with mates at a pub.

This is N’Importe Comment by The Toxic Avenger. Video and pictures speak for themselves.

Directed by David Tomaszewski and Guillaume Le Gronte. Production Published by Olivier Chini of 10h08 and Produced by Emmanuel Reyé.

If you understand French better than me then check this out.


Jun 2010 01

Yesterday in London (and of course the rest of the UK) was the end of our penultimate Daylight-time Public Holiday unfortunatley the weather wasnt great, infact it was pretty much a rainout much of the time, so not so good enough to do anything related to sun-worshiping.

On the positive note one of the delights that was dropped in my inbox was this video below, entitled A day in Paris.

Its a short-film directed by Benoît Millot of Lepotager Design, filmed by Sébastien Jousse and produced by Charles Drouin at Tulipes & Cie.

It features a very special little cargo with a big surprise, one that will satisfy any fan of a certain 80′s cartoon franchise. Though not to compare, this is quite a delightful technical ‘bettering’ of the comparitive subject even if it lacks a complexed storyline or iconic characters. Not only that, this was mixed with some beautifully natural shots of Paris being herself. This is why I think this is one of the best works of creativity I’ve featured here on Artificialife. Though out of place on Artificialife, this video was made for Vinci.

Check it out:

Direction : Benoît Millot
Camera Operator: Sébastien Jousse
Production : Tulipes&Cie – Charles Drouin
Animation 3D : Microbe studio
Music / Electric President “I’m Not The Lonely Son”
Client / Vinci
Camera / Canon 7D
Post production / 3D Maya et Maxwell

May 2010 28

Ed Banger do it again! As a whole, they are quite hit and miss with the records but can never do no wrong with their video’s. And this one!? This one is a bit mental, and as they say Not for the faint hearted, put it this way, the video perfectly illustrates the song title, your were warned!!

Oh did I say how much I like Mr Flash? What he did on the Ecstatic was simply superb!!

I expect more to come with the up coming release of the new album as the Blood, Sweat & Tears EP


May 2010 25

Originally from Florence, Italy, Phonat (aka Michele Balduzzi) was first spotted by MofoHifi Records on MySpace and they were so impressed with his beats years later Phonat relocated to London and dropping tracks like this one…

Personally, I like his latest work because its a lot like a Todd Edwards and French-Electro fusion!! Baddass!!

He already has an album out  (long time ago) that you can find right here or there.

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