Apr 2010 23

Nigolden Week is upon us again, but this year Nigo will be doing something a little bit special and it makes me really jelaous that I don’t live in Japan sometimes! This year he will be personally handling,  hosting and teaching a T-shirt screenprinting workshop called Nigo’s Workshop! How f-ing cool is that!? So as part of the week he will be hosting 3 workshops in 3 different stores between 1st of May and 4th May all in order to celebrate their Bape 17th Anniversary!



Whats more , the students will be screenprinting the Bape 17th Anniversary Nigo Hand Print T-Shirts!!! How Awesome! We will post the events results as soon as they come in but in the meantime – let me know if you know anywhere where we can do this kinda thing!? SOUNDS FUN!!!


Feb 2010 08

So it finally happened. I think I can hear the cheers from all across Britain and Europe’s mainland! Clearly it couldn’t have been the easiest journey for BAPE as only a few years ago it was totally never gonna happen but slowly slowly catchy monkey (excuse the pun) The Bathing Ape finally open their arms to embrace Europe. Check out the new store on eu.bape.com

Inside you will find this years’ staggering mens Bathing Ape collection which (as touched on here) has a delightful British influence. Heres a few I really want to get my hands on!

Like this BapeSta Hunter Jacket, intricate, classic but colourful with the right touch!

This Pure Wool Cricketers Sweater – classic!

And this Green Polo T-Shirt to make you feel like Planet of the BAPE Royalty.

More of the collection below (click continue)…


Feb 2010 03

I didn’t get round to showing you the Billionaire Boys Club x Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2010 Lookbook but here’s a Behind-the-Scenes look at the making of!  Shot right here in the UK.


Jan 2010 01

London is the city chosen to photo-shoot the Bathing Ape & United Arrows collaboration for 2010. The photo (as seen below) stars Nigo (of Bathing Ape) and Poggy (of United Arrows) that was taken in a London Taxi cab in (where I would guess) the vicinity of Saville Row that is quite ‘fitting’ for the launch of this new Spring collection.

One image as seen below is of (what I’d guess a tailored) navy blue pinstripe jacket with matching waist coat with a classic white shirt and classic BAPE fatigue large tie with a pinstripe newsboy cap thats just got me going crazy!