BUTTOCKS by Ruth Hogben (NSFW)
Sep 2010 01

Amazing! I saw this on Yimmy’s and couldn’t help myself. I was fascinating and I think you’ll be fascinated too. Just dont look at it at work! Produced for the Fashion Body project on SHOWStudio, a website headed by Nick Knight. Directed and shot by Ruth Hogben; Styling by Ellie Grace Cumming. Performed by Esme Bianco and Valeria Dragova.

Amazingly simple work but so impactful!


Erotic Photography by Mofo – NSFW
Jul 2010 14

Found this on the brilliant blog Karin + Raoul. I think this guy (Mofo) has to be my favorite pervert this week (of course thats after myself)!


May 2010 28

Wow, you look at this and you think how!? Best person to ask is the maker – Justin Maller. Hes an art director and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. He created these photographs with added textures for a number of companies and publications internationally as well as for different studios or agencies. Prepare for amazement!!


May 2010 12

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of or probably even own a Diana camera right? If not and you’re into that old analogue thing then i’d probably suggest you get hold of one (you’ll see a lot of its influence on Artificialife v2.0 coming soonish) but hey if not there is a second best thing… you probably definitely have an iPhone …

Just just ran by these photographs here and they claim (I cant be certain) that all these pics are made on an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Stunning!!!

Apr 2010 21

At the begining of this month the S.M.A.K. Ghent in Belgium have been hosts to the The Cemetery of Reason, which is somewhat a ‘halfway’ retrospective of American artist Ed Templeton. This exhibition displays many 15 years of collections and experiments he’s done which exhibits discover photos, paintings and sculptures and all curated in compositions of unusual images.


The exhibition tells the story makes a professional skateboarder, a photographer, an illustrator, a painter … A story that even though he focuses on his life and those around him, goes far beyond the autobiographical and exposes societal phenomena with courage and without making any judgments.


I’ve sourced pretty much all of this from GLLTN so if you can read French I recommend checking it out, it quite comprehensive and very very good. If you can read French then still check out the page and see the rest of the pictures.


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