BUTTOCKS by Ruth Hogben (NSFW)
Sep 2010 01

Amazing! I saw this on Yimmy’s and couldn’t help myself. I was fascinating and I think you’ll be fascinated too. Just dont look at it at work! Produced for the Fashion Body project on SHOWStudio, a website headed by Nick Knight. Directed and shot by Ruth Hogben; Styling by Ellie Grace Cumming. Performed by Esme Bianco and Valeria Dragova.

Amazingly simple work but so impactful!


Mar 2010 23
Jan 2010 10

This is so awesome! Sasha Grey has been chosen to promote animal birth control for PeTA who’s awareness campaigns have been so successful there PR coverage has been found in various newspapers worldwide. Now Sasha Grey is one of the freshest and hottest stars in the adult industries today. She’s a multiple AVN Award winner and has starred in hundreds of adult films, you could say that she is somewhat the new abassador of the industry  having starred in the Academy Award–winning director Steven Soderbergh’s film The Girlfriend Experience.

The new public ‘Sexpert’ Sasha explains, “I think spaying and neutering is incredibly important. … It keeps the animals out of the shelters, and there’s too many unwanted animals out there already.”


Nov 2009 24

Yes! What you are seeing here is an official advertising treatment from our old friends in Denmark. In keeping with the tradition of Scandinavian sexual liberation LEGO‘s German advertising agency DDB Hamburg in January this year created a brand new fetish with our favoured toys – I gotta say in my head there are so many metaphysical undertones going on here nevermind the sexual… think about it.

Anyway point in hand, ever since Kanye put this on up on his bluhg its been blowing up all over the bloggers community but its not really new so I thought I’d clear that up…

Still leaves a lot of questions i.e why for adults? is part of a conspiracy to stop adults being grown-ups by tugging on their nostalgia? and if this becomes an official ad campaign i’ll ask you what will they build next? Ahh those Crazy Europeans..

Answers on a post-card would be nice but the comments box will do nicey nicey x