May 2010 12

So I knew that Christian Louboutin made trainers and for men too but I never really paid too much close attention, however comeing straight from one of the coolest trend-hunter blogs out there right now I discovered these.

Bashy!!! I suggest checking out the the link above for details…


May 2010 11

Umm! So what can a bouncer say to me now when I rock onto the door with a pair of Adidas Consortium Micropacer Brogues? Huh! Yeah you know you havent got anything to say!

Apr 2010 22

Funny thing is, I’m looking for a Vespa (likely to purchase this summer in fact) and we all know they’re quite cool, nice classic design, each are pretty unique from your neighbours no matter how subtle the differences are and then you look at the Helmets… 60′s Future design with generous toppings of italian leather all enough to make you really badly wanna be a Conspicuous Consumer. And then you look at this….

Now this is taking the piss. Its too fresh and and and I need it all!

Apr 2010 21

The evolution of this shoe is very interesting as it starts off with a requirement from California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (the guys who put crims away) to get some new practical shoes for their rapidly growing prison population. VANS applied and won the tender and the outcome was new shoe design that wasnt too different from the skate shoe.  Velcro straps, no laces, nothing to kill people with. What you’re looking at are those shoes but with some edits of course…



Japanese designer Taka Hayashi is responsible for those edits. Almost making something quite classy out of something essentially plain wrong. They’re made with quality suede and leather, the are made facinating by native american design etched graphics with  a turquoise outsole and woven ankle strap.


With Hilarity they are called The Taka Hayashi x VANS Prison Issue Lace LX and part of the VANS Vault line. Not sure where to find them here in the UK but if anyone knows HOLLA cos i needto take a walk in them!!!

Sourced from: Freshness

Feb 2010 08

So it finally happened. I think I can hear the cheers from all across Britain and Europe’s mainland! Clearly it couldn’t have been the easiest journey for BAPE as only a few years ago it was totally never gonna happen but slowly slowly catchy monkey (excuse the pun) The Bathing Ape finally open their arms to embrace Europe. Check out the new store on

Inside you will find this years’ staggering mens Bathing Ape collection which (as touched on here) has a delightful British influence. Heres a few I really want to get my hands on!

Like this BapeSta Hunter Jacket, intricate, classic but colourful with the right touch!

This Pure Wool Cricketers Sweater – classic!

And this Green Polo T-Shirt to make you feel like Planet of the BAPE Royalty.

More of the collection below (click continue)…


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