Feb 2010 04

Right here is a nice look at Eric Haze’s installation for the Stussy Shinjuku Chapter store in Tokyo. Essentially Haze is giving the store a brand new flavour with the touch of his brush as opposed to any cans this time and is done all in order for more propaganda support of the Haze x Stussy Spring capsule collection collab for this year.

Haze will also be exhibiting his freshness in on 26th February in LA displaying all the original framed artwork used in developing the collection, as well as some installations and product displays, which will also include the upcoming Haze x Stussy x Pro Keds model sneaker.” You can find that at the Known Gallery… we’ll hit you up when we get more on that!


Jan 2010 12

This is this is quite a touching story in a weird way that goes overboard in proving my point that the world is a beautiful place and contrary to a lot of what my contemporaries say big business can be a huge part of that. The story starts off with Streetfiles a young non-profit organisation were established in July 2008. The main idea behind their work was to create a place where in which Street Artists can share their work with the rest of the world via their website in either picture or video which is great for allowing new artists of this kin to make a name for themselves on the world stage. Fortunately and unfortunately Streetfiles grew so fast they began running out of funding for the project and were despratley seeking sponsours. On the 11th Hour Montana Colors (a Spanish aerosol paint company) stepped in to sponsor  them and this is how they were given thanks…

See!? Gratitude makes the world a better place and also given some of the charitable works I’ve seen multinational organisations do recently, I think I’m seeing a great trend here and I hope to see more and more of it.

Image by trotza.. via Streetfiles

Jan 2010 10

This is a new video put together by 13th Witness (Timothy McGurr) has shot a brand new video that zooms in on his father and legendary graffiti artist Futura 2000. It’s really a short video where Futura showboats some of his can-magic on what looks like some kind of 2010 calender. It astounds me to know that Futura is 54 and still banging out great work like this and clearly passed on some of his creative talents to his son.

Heres a couple of other pieces done by 13th Witness… [..]

Jan 2010 09
I gotta admire this guy. Griffiti Artist Saber has had a tough time but clearly still passionate about life and his surroundings. The video below (from Jet Set Graffiti) interviews Saber about his winning of a politcal flag this in the US (I cant really get the details).

Anyway, At face value I looked at this piece (on a picture) and didn’t think much of it, it doesn’t stand out as the prettiest work neither anything thats never been done before but as I got digging I discovered a few delightful its bits from it. The Controversy – Its easy to forget how much the right wingers in the US worship their flag and this work cause a massive stir there, geez it was on Fox News. His Passion - One thing I think that can easily go a miss without listening to his interview is how attached he is to the flag, essentially his version speaks about HIM personally. What comes out most clearly is his Love for what he’s doing. Look a him come alive when he works on the prints…

Retrospectively, having looked at the prints again after watching the video I started to fall in love with them, how do you feel?
Also, thought you might wanna know that you can buy the prints here on Jet Set Graffiti! (Good luck as I’d expect that the’re sold by now!)
Jan 2010 03
I’ve been walking around London for years upon years spotting these little Space Invader mosaics on street corners and sides of buildings. I have a mini collection of them in an iPhoto set but I always knew I couldn’t ‘catch em all.’ Most of them I forget where they were next time I brought my camera out to hunt for them. I googled them and ver found anything and then low and behold I discover this on Babelgum.
You’ll see below the video was shot with The Space Invader himself in London during the start of LAzaride’s Grifters exhibition in November and he explicitly demonstrates his work in motion for his ‘LDN 116′ piece from his rational for choosing a location, how he applies it to the wall and naming & tracking his work through GPS on his iPhone.
The video can be seen here on Babelgum and see more of his work in Space Invaders and here on Art of the State.

The LAzaride Grifters Exhibition is open up until 16th January 2010 and admission is Free! [..]

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