Apr 2010 23

Nigolden Week is upon us again, but this year Nigo will be doing something a little bit special and it makes me really jelaous that I don’t live in Japan sometimes! This year he will be personally handling,  hosting and teaching a T-shirt screenprinting workshop called Nigo’s Workshop! How f-ing cool is that!? So as part of the week he will be hosting 3 workshops in 3 different stores between 1st of May and 4th May all in order to celebrate their Bape 17th Anniversary!



Whats more , the students will be screenprinting the Bape 17th Anniversary Nigo Hand Print T-Shirts!!! How Awesome! We will post the events results as soon as they come in but in the meantime – let me know if you know anywhere where we can do this kinda thing!? SOUNDS FUN!!!


Apr 2010 21

The newish French streetwear brand Hype Means Nothing has gone a GaGa  as they continue their quest to face-paint modern era iconics to their T-Shirts.  This is the latest one to launch and of course features Lady Gaga in all her Latest one to drop is Lady Gaga doing a the iconic pose. I dunno! Its available today in all good stores the world over!

PS. I really like the MJ one!



Feb 2010 08

So it finally happened. I think I can hear the cheers from all across Britain and Europe’s mainland! Clearly it couldn’t have been the easiest journey for BAPE as only a few years ago it was totally never gonna happen but slowly slowly catchy monkey (excuse the pun) The Bathing Ape finally open their arms to embrace Europe. Check out the new store on eu.bape.com

Inside you will find this years’ staggering mens Bathing Ape collection which (as touched on here) has a delightful British influence. Heres a few I really want to get my hands on!

Like this BapeSta Hunter Jacket, intricate, classic but colourful with the right touch!

This Pure Wool Cricketers Sweater – classic!

And this Green Polo T-Shirt to make you feel like Planet of the BAPE Royalty.

More of the collection below (click continue)…


Feb 2010 04

Right here is a nice look at Eric Haze’s installation for the Stussy Shinjuku Chapter store in Tokyo. Essentially Haze is giving the store a brand new flavour with the touch of his brush as opposed to any cans this time and is done all in order for more propaganda support of the Haze x Stussy Spring capsule collection collab for this year.

Haze will also be exhibiting his freshness in on 26th February in LA displaying all the original framed artwork used in developing the collection, as well as some installations and product displays, which will also include the upcoming Haze x Stussy x Pro Keds model sneaker.” You can find that at the Known Gallery… we’ll hit you up when we get more on that!


Feb 2010 03

I spotted this one earlier and instantly knew this was getting the Artificialife treatment. This is a taster of Mancunian Freelancer Chris Gray’s personal portfolio. He’s collaborated freelance for Red Bull Music Academy, Nike and Umbro. Dont be surprised if you feel you’ve seen some of this before because when I hit his website it all came together for me!

He’ll be I am also currating and exhibiting his work in Berlin on 26th February collabing with the guys at Toy if you’re in that neighbourhood…

toy made one
UNDPLUS – CollabRoom
Torstrasse 66 / Berlin-Mitte

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