May 2011 02


Not sure of this was about the wedding (I don’t know) but Nike just release these new sweet ass high tops – The Nike Air Royal Lite. They come with a new perforated light grey suede skin and perforations in the right places. Id love a pair if I can find them.

PARRA x CONVERSE (Paint the Town) RED
Sep 2010 06

The already legendary dutchman Parra has teamed up with the ever timeless Converse with these new Chuck Taylor All Stars. I personally think these are ultra-badass, but i’ll get on to that later. These are created by/for Converse for (PRODUCT)RED with the goal of  ’using art to change the world’ – love that!

Parra was asked to use his unique style to create a special shoe to raise money toward The Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa and after sold 10% of the net wholesale price will go to that fund. The name (Paint The Town) RED is both a nod to Parra’s roots in graffiti and street art, as well as the goal of creating awareness and inviting others to join (RED) in the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Parra chose to create a khaki shoe featuring a playful take on perp. In true Parra spirit, the pattern is a departure from the standard repeat print and features a more ironic version with cherries complete with legs and stiletto heels.

I wanted to incorporate the color red, and cherries came up. I wanted to go for a kind of preppy look, but I didn’t want it to be so serious, so I incorporated the cherry character!


Being one of the most stand-out and iconic kicks worn throughout the decades by bombers (streetartists) and other kind of beatniks the Chuck Taylors provided a perfect muse for the project. Each shoe is totally unique and is held together by these iced outsole with a paint brush stroke – which is exactly why I need one!

The Parra Chuck Taylor silhouette launches in Foot Patrol and Dover Street Market (London) this week at the RRP of £89.99.

I want a pair. Ahem! “I’m a size EU43!!!”

May 2010 12

So I knew that Christian Louboutin made trainers and for men too but I never really paid too much close attention, however comeing straight from one of the coolest trend-hunter blogs out there right now I discovered these.

Bashy!!! I suggest checking out the the link above for details…


May 2010 11

Umm! So what can a bouncer say to me now when I rock onto the door with a pair of Adidas Consortium Micropacer Brogues? Huh! Yeah you know you havent got anything to say!

Apr 2010 22

Funny thing is, I’m looking for a Vespa (likely to purchase this summer in fact) and we all know they’re quite cool, nice classic design, each are pretty unique from your neighbours no matter how subtle the differences are and then you look at the Helmets… 60′s Future design with generous toppings of italian leather all enough to make you really badly wanna be a Conspicuous Consumer. And then you look at this….

Now this is taking the piss. Its too fresh and and and I need it all!

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